Kniteforce White 001- DJ Beeno-No Rules Here EP

Kniteforce presents Kniteforce White 001 featuring innovative and fun hardcore rave action from DJ Beeno

Who better to kick off a new series of Kniteforce releases than the ever versatile DJ Beeno who quite literally knocks it out the park with a convention defying EP. Take ‘Nothing Breaks’ for example, a rolling breakbeat hardcore number with Belgian Techno riffs, Euro rave circa mid 90s keys and a very modern vocal section. The innovation doesn’t stop there either. We can’t imagine many tunes that combine soothing guitar licks with firing amen breaks and rapid fire vox in the way this one does, it’s truly brilliant!

‘I Think’ has an early Hip Hop approach to cutting up samples that gives a really lively edge. The track also has some truly sublime piano very much in the original mid 90s Kniteforce vein, it also cleverly combines old skool jungle with thumping hardcore techno seamlessly.

‘Funk Dem’ shares similarities with DnB classic ‘Kan U Feel IT’ by Skool Of Hard Knocks, opening with a phat funky guitar lick and even phatter beats. The track then progresses into a a medley of Boom Bap Rap, melodic 303s, groovin’ basslines and hard knockin’ breaks, it’s totally unique!

‘Everything’ is a tight composition right from the get go with impressive breaks, some proper oldskool ‘ardcore musical mayhem, booming subs, housse divas and ragga MCs all bundled into an immaculate breakbeat hardcore roller.

DJ Beeno breaks and bends the rules before throwing them out completely and making amazing tunes like the ones on this EP!

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