Knuckles-The Slow Burn EP [K Records]

Don’t be fooled by the title of Knuckles’ new EP. There’s no ‘The Slow Burn’ happening here, just 4 cuts of rugged breakbeat hardcore!!!!

‘Pianos & Lazers & Shit’ is a somewhat self deprecating title for the lightning banger of a tune it is!!!! There’s no shortage of squelchy lazer bass here! The piano is fast, furious and uplifting while the beats rage along with enough energy to power the entire UK!

‘Cosmic Looney Bin’ is a milky way size tune with riotous Ska influenced synths and amens faster than Marge’s monorail!!! Sassy raps collide with the asteroid belt of stabs, breaks, scratches and synthwavey strings. The word epic gets tossed around a lot by the ‘bros’ but this track is EPIC!!!

‘Heavens Hold’ continues the cinematic theme of this EP with keys that increase the heartbeat. The drums crash and peak over anthemic late 90s Hardcore strings that have us wide eyed and smiling here at LSM!

‘Seen’ completes the epic film score hardcore quartet with a take no prisoners approach of larger than life melody and breaks that bounce with purpose. As you can probably tell, we are struggling to make comparisons to Knuckles’ sound and that’s a good thing!!! In summary, lets modify the words of one of those ‘meme thingys’ That moment when a Knuckles tune comes on and blows your mind!!!

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