Kontrast X Ka Leng (ft. Mali Lloyd) – This Feeling

Sometimes you leave Soundcloud playing while you tackle your seemingly endless list of chores and a track will start playing that stops you in your tracks and makes you drop everything so you can head straight to your computer to find out exactly what the amazing piece of music is that’s demanding all of your attention. That exact thing happened to me when I heard this simply sublime slice of Liquid DnB by Bristol-based producers Kontrast and Ka Leng and vocalist Mali Lloyd. This Feeling is all about crisp drums, a bassline that reaches deep into your soul and Mali’s stunning vocal that will sweep you up and take your brain into another dimension. Best advice, do the chores, then get comfy so you can give it your full attention and reap all the rewards.


Links for Kontrast :

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Links for Ka Leng :

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