Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Poison (Freestylers refix)

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo‘s first single from their 1989 debut album Road To Riches, Poison, is one of The Freestylers’ favourite pieces of music in the world ever and because they love it so much, they’ve gone and put their own inimitable Breakbeat twist on it so it reaches a new audience and fanbase while being blasted out of club and festival sound systems around the world today and forevermore!

The first few seconds of The Freestylers re-fix leaves you with no doubts that this one’s going off! Opening with a round of their signature drums and added percussive elements, the high-energy raps soon drop in and raise the intensity immediately and let’s not forget that bassline, because that is one that’ll test neighbour relations to the max! It’s safe to say this one will be everywhere this summer, if you’re attending the right parties of course.

Buy here on Bandcamp.

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