KOOR07 (New Decade)

Oldskool legends, New Decade drop two brand new Hardcore tunes and boy do you need to hear them!!!

Fourth Beginning starts out with a soulful flavour, mellow stabs, apache break and nice vocals before taking a darker turn with bellowing basslines and Landlord stabs.In the final section the light and dark elements combine in true oldskool fashion and a touch of 2022 level production!

Extreme Levels plunges into the nightmarish sound of 93 with Sci-Fi loops and suitable vocal refrains. The techy stabs and inteligent, melodic sections give this track a proto Drum and Bass feel which is pretty apt considering the minds behind this tune!!! It’s great to hear some oldskool style tunes from these oldskool originals!

Out tomorrow https://kniteforcerevolution.com/

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