Kouncilhouse – Bad Boy + Freestylers Remix

With a brand new album due out next month, Kouncilhouse stokes up the excitement with his brand new single Bad Boy and a remix from the beat-breaking legends The Freestylers! The original is a ‘bad boy’ slab of dnb that opens with a lush and very misleading intro because when this one drops, it does so in spectacular fashion. Full of filth and ferocity, the dancefloor faithful will send all their praise your way when you give them this one to skank out too! Although The Freestylers have dropped the bpm down to 138bpm for their breakbeat remix, there’s no need to worry because we’re still getting plenty of filth and ferocity in their huge high-energy remix. Whether you’ve planned to dance today or not, you soon will do once you hit those play buttons!

Kouncilhouse’s new album Flashback To The Weekend has now been given an official release date and is landing on his Dirty Lemon Recordings label on the 8th of July. It’s an album that’s going to be packed with festival bangers and I know this not only because I read it on his Facebook page, but also because I managed to catch his guestmix on Justin Rushmore’s (Soul of Man) Positive Vibrations show on 1Btn just a few days ago. If you’d like to get a glimpse into what Kouncilhouse has in store for us, check out the recording of the show at the bottom of the page.



Buy here on Bandcamp.

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Buy here on Bandcamp.

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