Kouncilhouse – Digital Addiction (New Album)

At a time in our lives where it feels like chaos reigns the world and the mind races with worry, a collection of calming and soul-nourishing music is exactly what’s needed and thanks to Kouncilhouse and his brand new album Digital Addiction, that’s exactly what we’ve got.

With a warm and welcoming downtempo theme running throughout Digital Addiction, the 11 stunning tracks from Kouncilhouse take us on a much more mellow journey than what we might ordinarily expect from him. Gone are the sound system punishing Breakbeat bangers and in their place, you’ll find music that creates an immersive listening experience that’ll reset the mind and leave you feeling revitalised after you’ve taken in every last captivating second.

With so much promised, let’s take a look at the magic that awaits us on Digital Addiction:

1. Elvissa

A breathtaking opener that puts the listener instantly at ease. The ethereal backdrop welcomes tempered male and female vocals, percussive elements, toughish broken beats, a lick of sax and a touch of Eastern spice. Losing yourself here is inevitable.

2. Commando

This is one of two tracks on the album that straddles the line of club-friendly and chill out friendly. It sits within the realms of Indie Dance and the intense cosmic groove it possesses will either help build the energy within as the night progresses or take your mind on a wonderous trip as you take it in during some sofa and headphones time.

3. Voices feat. Freak Power

Featuring the distinctive vocal of Ashley Slater (Freak Power), Voices is an uplifting broken beat track that has the feel of one of those tracks that will always be there for you when the chips are down. It’s warming glow and poignant lyrics will make a good day out of a bad one in no time.

4. Blunt Roll

This Hip Hop influenced track brings a soul-stirring piano lead to the fore that’s accompanied by soothing brass, a gorgeous female vocal hook and meaningful male rap. The heads of the 4:20 will be nodding along to this one for sure!

5. Crazy About You

Crazy About You was the first single to be released off Digital Addiction and a great teaser of what was to come it was. A heartfelt slice of Breakbeat with heavenly strings and an on-point male vocal hook that will leave you melting into wherever you may be sat or laid.

6. Andrew Weatherall

Like so many others around the world, Kouncilhouse was a massive fan of the late, great Andrew Weatherall and this track is his ode to the legendary gentleman. His Trip Hop inspired track draws on the eclectic nature Andrew was so well known for perfectly and offers a moment to reflect on the life of someone who brought so much to so many.

7. Come With Me w/ Marley feat. Poppy Holiday

Co-written with Marley, Come With Me keeps those lush Trip Hop vibes flowing. Leisurely paced broken beats are joined by the velvety smooth and somewhat seductive tones of Poppy Holiday to create a track that’s akin to those made by ’90s bands such as Morcheeba and Portishead.

8. Cold

The chills you feel while listening to his stunning slice of dubwise Breakbeat will have nothing to do with a drop in temperature and everything to do with the enjoyment you’re experiencing while you adsorb the emotiveness of the heart-melting strings, powerful vocal hook and skankin’ beats.

9. Bones

Bones takes us off on something of a tangent from what we’ve heard before with a deep and delicious Soul Breaks re-edit of The Temptations 1966 classic (I Know) I’m Losing You. A tangent we may have headed off on, but a welcomed and brilliant it has turned out to be!

10. Everything To Me

This is the second track to straddle the line of club-friendly and chill out friendly mainly because it’s a Drum n Bass one. There’s easily enough in the tank to enjoy this smooth roller on the dancefloor where you’ll be swept up by the emotive and powerful female vocal, strings and sax. Alternatively, having it playing while you gaze out of the window with a fresh brew in hand and your toes tapping is also a great way to soak up its beauty.

11. Coffee w/ Marley

Bringing the album to a close in spectacular fashion is Coffee. Co-written with Marley, they give us another sublime broken beat track that frees the mind once again and also gives the listener time to contemplate what they have just experienced.

I’m no doctor, but if I was I would definitely prescribe Digital Addiction once a day to keep the bad times at bay!

Props to Steve Foster Studios for the eye-catching artwork.


Buy Digital Addiction here on Bandcamp.


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