Kouncilhouse – Tick Till Friday

We’ve been fans here at LSM of Kouncilhouse’s music for well over a decade now and although we’re used to him dropping Breakbeat bombs, his new 13 track album ‘Tick Till Friday’ sees him open the door to a wide range of other styles and influences that lie close to his heart and the results are simply breathtaking!

‘Tick Till Friday’ opens up with the lush downtempo Reggae tones of ‘So Nice’. It’s not your typical ‘all guns blazing’ opener, but what it does do very well is put your mind at ease and open it wide so as your able to fully absorb what lies ahead. Next up is ‘Thirteen’ feat. Nevine, which is a track we covered a while ago now when it was released as a teaser to the release of the album. To read what we thought about that one, Click Here.

3 is always the magic number, so it would work well if the third track on the album was a piece of magic itself and that it is! ‘Bailey’ is a sublime slice of heart-wrenching Liquid D n B with a vocal hook that takes you way off into the clouds. Things take an extremely lively turn with the next track, we see something of a return to Kouncilhouse’s roots, with the fierce Breakbeat sounds of ‘Los Angeles’. A future Breaks classic without a doubt!

Following on from that burst of energy is the cool and sophisticated ‘You Got Me Thinking’ that once again features the stunning vocals of Nevine. This Deep House gem will have your soul filled with warmth and your thoughts firmly on sun-kissed beach parties. Up next is one of my personal favourite on the album ‘Oh Baby’ which is a soulful, horn laced Funky Breaks tune that’s way to cool for school!

For track 7 it’s time to get those hands in the air and welcome into your lives the euphoric Ravey Breaks belter ‘Feels Like’ that is a collab with his good friend, Amber Angell. Press play, close your eyes and you’ll be instantly transported to a warehouse party in the middle of the dance floor where every single person is having the best time ever, just like it used to be. ‘Melancholy’ is the title of the next track and kind of gives the game away with its title. This soul-stirring masterpiece would not be out of place in an Oscar-winning film and shows that there are many strings to the Kouncilhouse bow.

It’s time to give those subs a good work out as next we have the bass-driven ‘Gotta Watch Out’, feat. Nevine, This dub inspired track keeps the tempo low but the sheer grittiness of it makes it one heavy hitter. Talking of heavy hitters and along comes track 10 ‘Justice’. This one’s packed with even more bassy goodness so keep that volume high. What you will notice though is the bpm has been cranked up to make it a peak-time 4/4 dance floor filler!

Just when you thought all the doors had been opened on Kouncilhouse’s repertoire of sounds, we’re introduced to the deep and spacey Disco groove of ‘Burger Lips’. One taste of this and you’ll be coming back for more. With 2 tracks left on the album ’24 Hrs’ is one that signifies that things are coming to a close and the track itself would be the perfect ending to any House set. Intoxicating, involving and one you’ll get immersed in with absolute ease. Last but by no means least we have ‘Sunrise’ which is another spine-tingling Deep House track with a spoken vocal and soothing chords that draw you in and don’t let go until the very last second.

Whatever your choice of music may be, you’ll find something to connect with on this incredible album. Turn on, tune in, cop-out!


Buy ‘Tick Till Friday’ here from Bandcamp.


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  • Jez 4 years ago Reply

    Top top top album. Can’t get enuff of this!

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