Krafty Kuts – Back To Flow EP

When you take into consideration the amount of time both Krafty Kuts and BombStrikes have been going, and then add in the flavour of music both of them release, you’ll be well excused for sitting there scratching your heads as you wonder how they’ve not worked together before. There’ll be reasons for sure but whatever they were, they can now be forgotten about forever as we send your way Krafty’s debut EP ‘Back To Flow’ which has been recently released on BomStrikes.

The 2 tracks featured on the EP ‘Back To Flow’ and ‘Get So Ill’ are a pair of pure thoroughbred 110 bangers and they’ve already been used to cause plenty of mayhem at parties where Krafty Kuts has been doing his thang. There’s a lot of love here on LSM for both Krafty and BombStrikes, so to hear that there’ll be more music coming from this winning combo in the future makes us very, very happy! Now go land yourself those tunes folks and keep on funkin’!


Buy Krafty Kuts ‘Back To Flow’ EP here from Juno.


Links for Krafty Kuts :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Website / Mixcloud / YouTube / Twitter / Instagram


Links for Bombstrikes :

Soundcloud / Facebook / YouTube / Twitter

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