Krossbow – Up & Under (Album)

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In the world of Glitch Hop, there are stars, then there are superstars, and then there’s, Krossbow! Colin and Jonny aka, Krossbow, have lit up the ward on several occasions. but now they return with their debut album ‘Up & Under’ and have the place dazzling with the new music they have created! Nine tracks of extreme aural pleasure on the way…

‘Low Slung Funk’ is the first track on the album and sets us on our way perfectly with hefty levels of vim and vigour, with lashings of funky, chunky broken beats. The next two tracks ‘Monakor’ and ‘Up & Under’ lay down a Liquid Glitch path. A deeper, smoother feel to things but still plenty in the tank should you wish to want to shake your thang!

The next three tracks ‘Hip Shake’, ‘Wompsteppa’ and ‘Prism Cell’ see the fuse of enticement reach it’s destination and ‘BOOM’, we’re off! The bass has been well and truly let out of the bag on this trio of highly charged beauties. It won’t just be your neighbour that feels these, the neighbouring town will get the gist of what’s going down too!

After all that intensity and hullabaloo comes a track of pure refreshment ‘Fly With Me’ featuring the stunning and breathtaking vocal of, Parry Ray. This track is like the fruity, divine dessert at the end of a three course meal that cleanses the pallet leaving you feeling all fresh. Gorgeous stuff!

Of course, even after a very filling meal, there’s always room for an after mint or two, right? ‘Axolotl’ is the penultimate track on the album and raises the temperature once again with a wall of bass and belly of fire. The album is wrapped up in deserving style as the guys bring you the epic ‘Future Echoes’. Despite the spacey feel, this one is huge, very huge! It also leaves room in the brain to give reflection of what has just been experienced. If you’re like us, the outcome will be that you’re now sat there with the biggest grin of satisfaction on your face, having massively enjoyed what just went down! Krossbow, we salute you!

Download ‘Up & Under’ for free or pay what you like here via Bandcamp.

Links for Krossbow :

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