Kurnel MC & Hipsta – Some ‘O That EP (Cuttin’ It Fine)

Even though the meteorological summer is all done a dusted, The Kurnel MC and Hipsta have joined forces on their new 3 track ‘Some ‘O That’ EP on the Cuttin’ It Fine imprint to make sure that we’re to be kept very toasty throughout the autumn/winter months. Label boss Roast Beatz also joins in on the action on remix duties.

The 3 tracks by The Kurnel and Hipsta are by no means dancefloor weapons, although they do possess enough energy should you feel the need to get up and dance. What they most definitely are though are the type of tracks for listeners and appreciators of damn fine music who prefer to listen to music in their homes or while commuting.

It’s the title track that greets us with its summery glow and Hipsta providing a laid-back and funky instrumental while The Kurnel flipping between rap and vocals to make it one super smooth ride. On the next track ‘Too Late’ its a much more Hip Hop focused sound that we find ourselves with. Double bass drives the track along as The Kurnel steps up and lays down his rhymes with a more intense feel and flow.

The final track is ‘Diggin’ and this time Hipsta hypes the Funk to the max with Roast Beatz chipping in with additional scratches thanks to expertise on the turntables The Kurnel’s upbeat rhymes this time takes us on a journey of his life, laying out where it began and the hard work it’s taken to get where he is today. Up steps Roast Beatz to complete this superb selection of sounds with a remix that is firmly aimed at the dancefloor. Taking on the title track, he serves up one of those wholesome and floor livening 110 Ghetto Funk remixes that we’ve been loving here on the ward for years.


Buy all of the music here on Bandcamp.

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