Kurse – It’s a bass ting – VOL.2. – Saucy Selection

UK DJ/producer, Kurse, is on a mission to keep the cogs turning on his new monthly mix series ‘It’s a bass ting’ and volume 2 definitely caters for those who you who love lashings and lashings of bass!

As a huge fan of Saucy Records, Kurse has joined in on the celebrations of their third birthday by putting together a mix comprising solely of tracks from the imprint. The heavyweight selection of music that can be found is made up of tracks from Saucy’s new album ‘Third Year Of Saucy’ and a stack of Kurse’s personnel favourites from 2017. With the weekend on the horizon, this is an hours worth of filth you just can’t do without!


Download ‘It’s a bass ting – Vol.2” here via Hypeddit.


Check out Saucy Records ‘Third Year Of Saucy’ here :


Download ‘Third Year Of Saucy’ here via Hypeddit.


Links for Kurse :

Soundcloud / Facebook


1. Hot Goods – 1944
2. Inkline – Sonar
3. Arka – The Hunter
4. Khesis – Shards
5. Inkline – My Name
6. Khesis – Real Strong
7. Midnight Phulin – Dropin Sutton -Barely Royal and Bunnie remix
8. Pelikann – Shakedown
9. Echoes and Knights – System Collapse feat Cordless
10.Talkre – Drones
11. Pelikann – Batboy Sound
12.Negativ and Tigerlight – Linked
13.Inkline – Bluff – A.Motion remix
14.Inkline – Bluff – Left_Right remix
15.Khesis – Slingshot
16.Ricin – Without Borders
17.Ricin – Witches
18.Taim – Switch Out feat Linguistics
19.Affiliate – Primal feat Osiris
20.Culprate and Tru Fonix – Solarised
21.Barely Royal – Fire in the Dark feat LO – Barely Royal and Bunnie VIP
22.Tru Fonix – Its Bless
23.Underground Traffic – Dangerous
24.NiQW – My Hands
25.NVLOAP – People Make Sense – Das Kapital remix
26.Inkline – Promise Me
27.Barely Royal and Bunnie – Starlight

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