Launchkode – Request EP

Sub Code presents two slices of trueskool junglism from Launchkode

The Sub Code imprint excels in showcasing fresh talent in the world of Jungle and Launchkode immediately establishes themselves as a name you will be hearing a lot of in future. ‘Spreadin’ Rumours’ opens with otherworldly flutes seemingly taken from a Pam Grier 70s flick. The flutes stop and the raw junglism begins with Aphrodite style breaks, Soundclash vox, gunshots, shards of amen break and an eerie atmosphere that’s unmatched.

‘Request’ opens in Jazzy/Hip Hop f ashion with double bass, Ragga dancehall call and response vocals and amen teases. One timestretched vocal and we are firmly across the Amiga Jungle border with booming, rampant tearout breaks and deep clean subs intermingled with sunny Jazz licks for real showstopping, lighter flashing effect. One to watch for sure!!!!

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Release date 01/09/20

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