Lavery-Ruffneck EP

Lavery brings the Jungle alive on his ‘Ruffneck EP’

Some people have an ear for fine detail and the nuances of musical genres. Jungle is a highly evolved genre born out of Breakbeat Hardcore/Jungle Tekno and the forerunner for what we now call Drum & Bass. over 5-6 years, the sound rapidly evolved like no other.

Listening to this 3 track EP, it seems Lavery had the late 93/early 94 Jungle sound in mind. This is the period of time that Jungle morphed out of the 1993 ‘Darkcore’ sound pioneered by the late Ratty, Doc Scott and others.

‘Have You Lost Your F***ing Mind’ starts with a standalone breakbeat, ominous sirens and tongue in cheek horror FX. The breaks lead into a tense drop that will get the heart racing and the introduction of the amen break from the midway point. Rest assured this is not a long lost DAT tape from Basement Records, this is brand new!

‘I’m Rushin’ is a pitch perfect replicant of a very small window in time you might call ‘Hardcore Jungle’ where elements of early rave are still present (I’m rushin; just a little bit too fast) encased in the armour of prototype amen Jungle with Ragga/Dancehall samples and strings from the motor city of Detroit.

‘Ruffneck Rudeboy’ is the explosive completion of the ‘Ruffneck EP’ and it whips up a solar storm with a heavyweight iteration of the amen break and enough darkside to make you hide behind the settee!!

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