Lavery – The Pied Piper of Plaistow

D’ya like Deep Jungle? Cos’ Lavery’s got the Tarzan and Jane.. OK we’ve done that one before but this is a deep dive into 94/95 style Jungle that you absolutely need to hear!!!!

Its 4am and the DJ is spinning a deep selection of dubplates to an audience of saucer eyed ravers. A jazzy, ethereal melody kicks in joined by the think break and rolling amen breaks. Is that a flute? Why yes, a mystical sounding flute accompanied by detuned chimes to make those saucer eyes even wider! The track breaks down into heavy 808s, scratches and rapid shots of breakbeat. A cymbal rises and announces the onslaught of heavy amens, whale sirens and dancehall FX but its not 1994, in fact its not 95 either! In fact it is 2021, almost at the halfway point but the Jungle is still alive misty eyed oldskool raver, yes you! You thought it was long gone but its not just Hardcore that never dies, Jungle never dies! Now enjoy and support this new slice of pure Junglism from the man like Lavery! Also included is a remix from the Meditator who subtly tweaks the original for the peak time, lighter flashing crowd!!!

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