Lavery-The Sacrifice EP

Lavery presents 3 distinct styles of oldskool style jungle on The Sacrifice EP

Lavery has been busy since the start of 2019 with a slew of releases under the Puffin’ Billy and Millie aliases. Currently available on vinyl and now in digital format, The Sacrifice EP features a title track that samples Silence Of The Lambs over eerie 1993 dark jungle pads and beats a la Q Project, Boogie Times Tribe, Foul Play et al

‘Imagination Station’ sounds like a 1994 Moving Shadow tune with heavy, multiple layered beats, dreamlike synth stabs and elements of oldskool 90s rave.

‘Keep My Cool (Vip)’ takes things into the 1995 realm of sweeping atmospherics, R&B vocals and intelligent vibes with sections of tearing techstep bass, angry hoovers and venomous amens. No true junglist should sleep on this!

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