Lavvy Levan – Medicine

House musical ‘Medicine’ from the incredible Lavvy Levan

This is House music with a big heart. Let those warm, soul/funk inspired sounds wash over you like a pollution free breath of fresh sea air in the midday sun. Lavvy ‘s got the medicine for soul starved ears. Filled with funky keys, sweet beats and funkified vocals, ‘Medicine’ has a real organic feel and a positive vibe that transcends the endless tags and sub genres.

The appeal of songs like this live long beyond the constant churn of week by week download store competitiveness. This timeless and timely gem will get pulled out of your DJ wallet 5, 10, 15 years from now and then some. They say ‘if its not broken, don’t fix it’ but as Levan demonstrates, you can take a great sound and bring out the very best in it,. You can take something with a classic appeal and make it so fresh, it’s a new sound all over again!.

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