Leeroy Thornhill – Burn The House Down + Jason Laidback Remix

Menu Music, have the latest track to be released by the legend in dance, Leeroy Thornhill. ‘Burn The House Down’ bolsters the ranks in his growing collection of serious dance floor weaponry and is quite possibly his hardest hitting release to date. It skips around genres so there’s no pigeon-holing this one! All we know is it’s a feisty piece of work and watch out for the horn which will part the thickest fog!

Buy ‘Burn The House Down’ here.

Jason Laidback, provides a remix with a proper old skool kick of ‘Burn The House Down’. He loads in the skipping Garage beats and a level of bass that’ll keep the neighbours banging on the wall!

Buy, Jason’s, remix here.

Links for Leeroy Thornhill :

Soundcloud / Facebook

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