Leeroy Thornhill – Crazy Ep

After becoming somewhat disillusioned with some of the mainstream streaming sites, Leeroy Thornhill has picked up his old kit bag and headed over to Bandcamp to make a new home for all of his new music and quite a bit of his old music too. His back catalogue on Bandcamp dates back as far as 2001, but it’s his most recent offering that we’ve picked out to share with you and if you’re a Breakbeat fan, you’ll not want to miss it!

Leeroy’s Crazy EP is that new musical offering and on it, we’re dealt 4 hefty chunks of top-drawer Breakbeat! Things get pretty damn filthy from the get-go with the Rock tinged title track of the EP that’s got one of those speaker shaking basslines that’ll drive your neighbours nuts, or happy with a bit of luck. Rudeboy drops in next and the Ragga Breaks vibe this one’s rockin’ would, on any other occasion, have the whole dancefloor skankin’ as one. The third track Get On It wants you to do just that with a sprinkling of Blues scattered between hard as nails broken beats and a vocal hook that only charges the intensity. The final track is Killer is the most hell-for-leather track on the EP. There’s a lush breakdown around the halfway mark, but either side of that is some of the best tearout Breaks out there!

If you’re loving the sound of Leeroy’s new EP, you’ll be very happy to hear that he has a new album on the way that is being released on the 26th June. You can get it on the 19th if you’ve subscribed to his Bandcamp page. If you’ve yet to subscribe and are thinking about it, you’ll get all of his new music before everyone else and there might even be a few bits and pieces head your way that no one else gets, so it’s well worth a consideration if you are a fan of Leeroy’s.


Buy all of the music here on Bandcamp.


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