Liquid Crystal-Chromatic EP Vol 2 Remastered

Get this huge slice of Breakbeat Hardcore history freshly repressed and remastered as part of the latest Kniteforce vinyl bundle

‘You Got Me’ (Remix) is the tune of a quadrillion mixtapes. Every DJ worth their salt played it back in the day. It begins with a moody intro at Hip Hop tempo and builds into a chunky break before some of the most famous piano in rave history kicks in. You may know it for the ‘all the brothers respond to the beautiful sisters…’ vocal. If so you already know this is one of the biggest rave tunes ever

You may not have heard the other two tracks on this EP though. ‘Positive NRG’ is a happy, melodic Jungle Tekno bumper with a main riff similar to the Cleptomaniacs ‘Positive Feedback’, some really nicely layered breakbeats and influences that range from early Prodigy to Ibiza Records, it grows even more with each listen and surely earns the status of an underground classic

‘Can’t Stop Falling’ starts with a sample that should be familiar to long time Kniteforce fans. This final track is a nice 4×4 rhythm with tight percussion and drum programming. There’s more of a 90s Euro Rave feel to this one with busy hoover riffs and bleeps that would have gone down well at Scottish raves

The audio quality is excellent of course as with all Kniteforce represses so you really will want to be quick in securing your copy as soon as the pre sale starts on 09/03/2020 on the Kniteforce bandcamp

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