Liquid-Space Monkey EP

Liquid returns to Kniteforce with 8 brand new tracks of full spectrum breakbeat hardcore & jungle music

Eamon Downes is back with 8 tracks of musical rave, starting with ‘Good Love’, a signature tune in the Liquid style. Elements of Deep House, Garage and 92 rave seamlessly blend in a blissful, mellow EP opener that could easily be 2019’s ‘Sweet Harmony’ i.e a deserved chart topper and radio anthem.

‘Monofunction’ has a single function-to make you dance! And it fulfills that purpose admirably with a rolling think break and dubby, Belgian Techno riffs from the deeper side of breakbeat hardcore.

‘Ghost Shadow’ dips into the dub reggae pond with sweeping, atmospheric keys for a melodic jungle excursion of awe inspiring melodies. For the final stretch at the third minute mark, we divert onto the path of pure jungle tekno circa 1992.

‘The Habit I Can’t Quit’ introduces a little bit of UK Garage into the equation or should we say UK Breakbeat Garage! The slick, soulful keys pave the way for a sucker punch of Reese bass and Apache breaks which further gives way for dark, Metalheadz style riffs and a blast of bassline wind that will blow your bodywarmer off!!! There’s even a bit of ‘The Bells’ in there!!!

‘Clerkenwell Sound’ is London underground Jungle music circa 93/94 in a bottle. Crisp rolling amen breaks, ragga samples, upbeat interludes straight outta Ibiza Records et al, gunshots, the absolute article (don dada!) Push up ya’ lighter!!!

‘Illicit’ opens with just over a minutes worth of harmonic, intelligent strings and builds into a junglistic symphony of head massaging sounds and lush drops that will have you in freefall, ready to kick back and soak in the vibes.

‘Lovesick’ lands us back into the middle of the rave with a fast paced workout akin to early 1993 hardcore interspersed with gorgeous mellow out drops and dreamy vocals for that floating on the dancefloor (or your home) effect!

We reach the finish line with ‘Double-Ended Dub’, a track very much in Mr Downes’ wheelhouse and a style he does so well and with such distinction. In closing, we get a great slice of Ragga Dub Rave action that sounds like Lee Scratch Perry doing breakbeat.

This an album, not just a collection of tracks, it tells a story from start to end. You could drop these tracks in a DJ set, you can listen on a long drive or commute or with your feet up on the sofa. Pink Floyd make albums (or they did), so does Liquid and he makes amazing ones at that, just like this one, now scroll down and………

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