Liquid- Still [Kniteforce Records]

Liquid, the man behind UK top 40 rave anthem ‘Sweet Harmony’ is back in 2018 with a 4 track EP on the Kniteforce imprint, an EP that is pure golden era rave through and through!

Let’s unpack this exceptional release from rave legend, Liquid. It begins with ‘The Truth’, a track that could trick you into thinking you went back to 1992 like a time travelling Agent Dale Cooper looking for Laura Palmer lost in a rave! The happiest of happy pianos, layered breaks, Belgian stabs and a buzzsaw techno bassline that will have Dale tossing the coffee aside fora damn good rave!

‘Phormicide’ stops the time machine at 1991, a time when you would hear 4×4 kicks and breaks in the same track just like this one. Firey rap samples, wash upon wash of 303 and a pervading techno riff that encapsulates the harmonious chaos of the birth of hardcore.

‘KEX’ is a modern take on those sounds of old, a track that will resonate with fans of Vinyl Junkie, Sanxion, Flash Cats and other modern proponents of the original Hardcore/jungle tekno sound. The track opens with a 90s style riff and gets going fast with busy chopped up, pitched up and down amens with a burrowing bassline, shades of Reggea and a signature rushy Liquid style drop.

Although you just don’t want this EP to end, it does end with ‘Dope Sick’, a track that showcases the more experimental side of Liquid’s productions. Faster and somewhat darker than the other tracks on ‘Still ‘, ‘Dope Sick’ breaks off into a memorable Jean Michel Jarre hook, an ode to the popular show ‘Stranger Things’ perhaps?

Liquid shows you can be oldskool, new skool and original all at the same time with an EP of excellence like no other.

Purchase The New Liquid EP From The Kniteforce Bandcamp

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