Long Train Runnin’ – Garlic Party Remix (Pulp Glitchin’ Records) [Free DL]

Pulp Glitchin’ Records is a multi-genre imprint coming out of Perth, Australia that is all about huge basslines, heavy drops and party rockin’ vibes! Founded in 2020, it has already gone on to release a decent chunk of music covering styles such as Drum and Bass, Glitch Hop, Bass House and even a bit of Ghetto Funk, which just happens to be the one that’s fuelling the fire in its latest release from Garlic Party, who take on The Doobie Brothers infamous ‘Long Train Running’ and then deliver a heavy-hitting blues-influenced monster for those who love to stomp it out on the dancefloor in style!


Download Garlic Party’s remix for free here.


Links for Garlic Party :


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