The Lost Tea Party – Burning Man 2014: Who are the Lost Tea Party?

Wreckage is a artist and sculptor based in London. Creating general awesomeness in his on unique style formed when studying painting at Edinburgh College of Art, your eyeballs are in for a treat. Since being asked to contribute to the amazing Paralympic Closing Ceremony and working with  Trash City and the Unfair Ground as party of the legendary Glastonbury, we are excited to see that his next challenge is at the one … the only …. Burning man 2014. The project – The Lost Tea Party – five trailers pulled by a 1943 GMC 4×4, the trainers being giant tea pots and yes, they are actually able to dispense tea, each a different flavor! Tired Burners can also hop in and out of the pots to give their weary legs a rest. Wreckage and co. need you help! In return for some of his epic artwork he is asking you to donate a few $ to make this project a reality. Click here for details!  Anyone for biscuits?


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