LOT49 Podcast 002 – Dylan Rhymes Guest Mix

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Co-owner of LOT49 and legend of the underground scene, Dylan Rhymes, drops in to the ward with episode 2 of the LOT49 podcast. As you might expect with a release this time of year, it starts off on a rather festive note but soon takes off into the filthy and upbeat Tech Funk sound that LOT49 is so synonymous with the label. This mix really is one to work off those extra slices of turkey you managed to squeeze it during dinner. Party tunes for the party season! Yreanne takes the first half of the podcast with Dylan Rhymes jumping in for the second half.

It is also well worth pointing out that LOT49 has just celebrated it’s 10th birthday and as a celebration they have put together an album of brand new tracks from the labels stable of incredible artists. The album is an outstanding representation of what LOT49 is all about and is a highly recommended purchase! Links to the album to follow below.

Links to Dylan Rhymes :

Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Twitter  Youtube

Links to LOT49 :

Soundcloud  Facebook  Website  Link to album

Tracklist :

Yreane mix
1. Dean Martin vs Vandal vs Justice – Walking In A Waddle Wonderland – Free Download (expired)
2. Lee Coombs & Kostas G – Reach Out (Tech House Mix) – Get this track:bit.ly/1t116YG
3. Ben Coda – Highrise (Original Mix) – Get this track: btprt.dj/1xjFmyf
4. Meat Katie – Isurgence (Meat Katie Re-Work) – Free download:bit.ly/1ALHkXq
5. Anarchy Rice – Horny (Original Mix) – Get this track: btprt.dj/1xOcWfo
6. Meat Katie – All I Need (Dylan Rhymes remix) – Free download:bit.ly/1B7U5cO

Dylan Rhymes mix:
7.  In & Out Vol.4 – #5 – Get this intro: btprt.dj/1xOdQsl
8.  Meat Katie & Chevy One – When You’re Dead (Craig Williams Remix) – Get this track: btprt.dj/1xjGWQJ
9.  Dirt Revolver – Horizon (Original Mix) – Get this track: btprt.dj/1ALIS3K
10. Atix – The Design Of Dance (Original Mix) – Get this track:btprt.dj/16Suv2H
11. Chevy One – Worned & Burned (Original Mix) – Get this track:btprt.dj/1wmJsi3
12. Atix – Art Of Bass (Original Mix) – Get this track: btprt.dj/1t12Xwx
13. Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie – Dense (Original Mix) – Get this track:btprt.dj/1tfqAaj
14. Chevy One – Deep Synapse (Original Mix) – Get this track:btprt.dj/1t135vZ
15. Dylan Rhymes & Chevy One – Sour Smash (Original Mix) – Get this track:btprt.dj/1xOepCw
16. Lee Coombs – Lilly In The Sky (Original Mix) – Get this track:btprt.dj/1zAmACZ
17. Chevy One & Modulizer – Maserati (Original Mix) – Exclusive
18. Electric Soulside – Venusia (Lee Coombs & Kostas G Remix) – Get this track: btprt.dj/1wmJQNG
19. Vandal – Cobra Lucha (Original Mix) – Get this track: btprt.dj/N35k3b

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