Louis King ft. Brain Rays-Why Pree? / Let’s Get It

Louis King’s rhymes and slick future forward production from Brain Rays make this new EP essential listening

Two tracks, 10 versions in total. Louis King establishes himself as a formidable Rap talent as soon as the chorus of Why Pree? hits your ears aided even more by the dark metallic beats of the alt mix, the chugging bass of the Stereotyp Diesel Riddim Remix, the dark claustrophobic Early mix and the cavern deep dub of the Renick Bell mix.

Brain Rays showcases a sticky, dank, paranoid pristine atmosphere on the production of ‘Lets Get It’ and if you like your beats a bit faster, the footwork rave Brain Rays + Quiet Remix should get you shuffling if not the Stoogie Houzer UK Funky rerub. Also included is an utterly dank grime instrumental by the name of ‘Hoodlum Priest’, all in all excellence

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