LOWCO Interview + New Single ‘It’s Me’ on Against The Grain

We first caught up with Washington D.C’s LOWCO back in 2020 when he made his debut as a breakbeat producer on Punks Music with the huge Lights Out. Since then, his dark, intense, bass-heavy and old-skool-influenced style has seen his fanbase swell and his music be released on labels such as Spain’s superb 83 imprint. His latest release It’s Me has found its way onto the legendary breakbeat label Against The Grain and we were lucky enough to catch up with him for a chat about that and a few other bits and pieces. Read all about it here:


Hi LOWCO, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How’s it going?

Hey mate, it’s going extremely well thanks! Staying really busy in the studio these days, which is always a good thing. 

We catch up with you after the release of your new track It’s Me on Against The Grain. How does it feel to now be a part of the fabric of that legendary breaks label?

It’s insane! Back in the day, I would have never imagined to be a producer releasing music on such an iconic breaks label. I always used to DJ ATG tunes at parties ….crazy to see myself now all these years later with my own release. I’m still pinching myself honestly!

Listen to LOWCO’s new track ‘It’s Me’ here:

Buy It’s Me here.

Your new track is an absolute beast and much like all of your other releases, it’s deep, dark and intense with a notable nod to the old skool rave days. Why did you decide to go for that kind of sound with your music productions and because of the old skool touches, are you a raver at heart?

I honestly can’t say I had a set plan for this release or any of my others, I just go with what’s in my head when I’m writing a tune.

But yes, I am most certainly a raver at heart. I grew up in Texas which had a huge underground Rave scene and my stepbrother used to be a breaks DJ, so I was heavily influenced by the 90s rave sound. We also used to have a local college radio show that played all house & techno and I listened to it religiously in my youth.

What setup are you using to create such destructive beats?

I am using Ableton Live and I’m a total digital producer right now. Haven’t stepped into getting gear just yet only because I used to have a full gear set up back in the day, but that’s another story. 

Breakbeat has never been close to being regarded as the most fashionable genre on the planet, so with that in mind, what made you choose breakbeat? Or did breakbeat choose you?

I think breakbeat chose me. As a teenager, I used to be a b-boy and we always jammed all the old-school breaking songs at shows. And my area also had a huge Miami Bass scene so broken beats are kinda in my blood you could say. 

Who are your favourite breakbeat producers/labels? Have any of them influenced you in the music you’re making?

The whole crew at (83) are all crushing it right now and I am really excited to be involved with such talented artists. My last release with Against the Grain went really well and I am stoked to be added to such an iconic roster and Veterans in the game. Lastly, Time Is Now Records is taking a unique spin on Breaks and Garage which is really inspiring. 

Are there any legends of the breaks scene you’d quite like to collaborate with?

I’d love to collab with Stanton Warriors, Yo Speed, my homie Dagga, and also any of the nu-school breaks legends that are still in the game. 

It feels like the breaks scene is in a good place right now. How do feel about it and where do you see things heading?

It is indeed in a great place right now! I feel very optimistic considering how things went down after the golden era of breaks. These days, house producers are making breaks and killing it, underground electro guys are making breaks and breaking all the rules (which I love), and artists like Overmono are crossing into the techno crowds and events. As broken beat lovers we couldn’t ask for anything more! 

I do see breaks heading down this road for a while as all the genres continue to mesh. 

Where has your love for music originated from? Do you recall a particular track that ignited your love for it and made you realize that music is life?

That’s easy, “Momma said knock you out” by LL Cool J is the first cassette that my mum ever bought me. I remember being blown away by the attitude of the song and the statement he was making. The whole song is just in your face. It was like nothing I ever heard before. 

I’m happy to grow up in the 80s when amazing music was just everywhere. And as a teenager, I’d spend hours listening to the radio and I’d tape radio shows to catch my favourite songs and I’d make my own mix tapes. I was the kid with headphones always on my head no matter where I went. So you could say music has always been a huge part of my life.

Making music under your LOWCO guise and using a familiar Cypress Hill sample in your music and mixes, some (probably just me) fans of theirs may be wondering if you too are a fan. Are you? Favourite of theirs if so?

Oh yes, I’m a huge fan of Cypress Hill! Their Black Sunday album is my favourite and heavily influenced the LOWCO sound you hear now. 

With the breaks scene in a healthy place currently, could you recommend 5 current producers you think everyone should get to know?

1) Dagga

2) Kessler

3) Mall Grab

4) Moktar

5) Overpeak

What does the future have in store? Is there any more new music in the pipeline? Any gigs or festivals to shout about?

This month, I have a release out with (83), called ‘Welcome’ and another one out later this year. Also, I hope to have some collabs with some established players in the game. Then, hopefully, next summer I’ll be heading to Spain to visit the head honcho of (83) Guau and go party with the entire Spanish crew.

Listen to LOWCO’s brand new track here:

Buy ‘Welcome’ here.

Stay tuned for lots more from LOWCO by hitting him up on the all the socials:

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