Lowering the Tone Round Up


There has been a flurry of recent releases from Lowering The Tone‘s majestic towers in Surbiton. The label, started by Mark Pember, has risen like a techno phoenix from the ashes of Lot49 to deliver some primetime slabs of techno onto the nation’s dancefloors. Music to Buy (to keep more like  this released)

Ben Coda -Inside the Machine/Underground

Ben Coda just goes from strength to strength his last single Bang Bang blew many people away and I thought it was maybe one of the tunes of the year. Then along comes these two tracks from his eagerly awaited debut album. Inside The Machine makes me smile which is a hard thing to do with me – prefering as I do the more depressing end of the musical spectrum – with its bouncey but heavy techno beat.The rhythm bounces along on a psychedelic progressive tilt with enough breaks and rises to keep anyone happy. With a build up to the break that excites and then doesn’t dissapoint as the tune carries on bubbling along with a slightly more insistent tone. Great fun. Undergroud is a deeper and more darker affair maintaining the progressive feel that Lowering Tone are becoming renowned for. The stab of the synth feels like a velvet knife stabbing at your heart. It is truly Underground and truly wonderful.

Meat Katie And Dopamine– Dolls

Bang!! This tune hits you straight out of the blocks. The bass rumbles along with those hi hats crashes overhead but the distorted vocals and the melody makes me think of only one thing – Depeche Mode -if Depeche Mode had decided to be heavier and darkerand more dance oriented than they are. What an amazing track this is I love it and I hope you do to and rush out and buy it when it is released.

Meat Katie – Black Light /Rotate

Mark Pember has been releasing some of his best material in his long career in my mind. When most people have hit a style and stuck to it he just keeps giving and surprising. This starts almost like a funky workout like its going to burst into a percussive section when the kick drum hits and you realise it’s going somewhere else. Just when you’ve had your interest piqued a voice announces “Black Light” and a lovely rolling acid rhythm sweeps in and carries you away and keeps rolling you away until a brief break before that slightly distorted acid rhythm comes back sounding like a crazed swarm of bees.What a tune to mosh around to at the front of a dance floor – I hope that’ll be soon.
Rotate starts with an old school electro beat before the heaviest kick drum hits you and you expect to go into a dark techno swamp but no the surprise is it is an 808 rhythm given a techno twist. I told you he surprises.

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