Mafia Kiss – Sick & Don’t Leave

If you’ve been waiting for a bit of Mafia Kiss action to surface on the internet, wait no more because he’s back with not one, but two dance floor ready weapons!

The first of his two tracks is ‘Sick’ which was premiered by the mighty 3000 Blog and is out now on Punks Music. There’s no doubting that this one has been created for the peak-time hours, when the floor is packed and the crowds have their bass faces at the ready. All you can do is let them have it!

The second offering from Makia Kiss is ‘Don’t Leave’ which he released to celebrate the release of ‘Sick’. He’s thrown us a curveball on this one because he’s headed down a Drum n Bass route, but it’s not any old Drum n Bass route, this is his Drum n Bass take on Stanton Warriors epic ‘Still Here’! This action-packed roller will crank up the heat and goosebump activity at any moment you choose because it’s all yours for free! Grab your copy just below and let the good times roll!


Buy ‘Sick’ here from various online outlets.



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