Manfred Mann – One Way Glass (Andy Buchan Edit)

I know I’m not the only one who was guided towards Manfred Mann‘s brass-toting, psychedelic Prog Rock classic ‘One Way Glass’ by The Prodigy and thanks to them, I now have two versions of that brilliant track in my music collection.

Joining those two versions, though, there’s a third version by Andy Buchan that is getting a lot of love from me and now, lots of you too I’m sure. Harnessing all of the psychedelic energy from the original, Andy takes us on a hazy and Balearic Disco trip and just when you feel like you’re floating too far from reality, along comes those horns to awaken the senses and the mind! Nothing but peace and love here folks and the world needs plenty of that these days!


Free 320 MP3 Here // Buy WAV Here


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