Mani Festo-All Night EP [Club Glow]

Mani Festo presents a versatile EP that traverses the path of Bass, Breaks, UKG and Rave with skill and style!

‘All Night’ throws back to Pre Dubstep with a dark, dank slice of molten breaks/UKG that fires off basslines like solar flares amongst all kinds of magnificent musical murkiness

‘Trackside’ is the ripped, vest bursting big bro of ‘All Night’ with a coat of Jungle Breaks armour, skin peeling strings and jagged bass perfect for face melting!

‘Cheatin’ mixes up Sweet Female Attitude style UKG with booming 808s, 2 step beats and and bass shards with a clandestine menace as the 2 Step beats collide with the THink Breaks.

‘Tell Me Why’ slows it down with super phat beats, dubby FX, Soul/R&B vocals and Detroit/Rave strings at half time. Four incredible tracks from the mind of Mani Festo

Pre Order Vinyl/Digital Out 07/08/20

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