Marcus Tee-Atomic Therapy II

Marcus Tee’s new EP of solid gold electronica excursions are ‘Atomic Therapy’ for the soul

‘Cold Fusion’ sets the tome with warm, Detroit inspired machine soul. Harmonius late night chords swim through waters of intricate beats and late night drive atmosphere.

‘Geiger Counter’ opens with melancholic Glockenspiel type sounds and a Future Garage style beat. The track has an aquatic feel with a mixture of melodies and drones gently teasing their way into an elaborate and engaging mix.

‘Critical Mass’ has an atmospheric Hip Hop instrumental vibe with a futuristic feel. A heavy 808 snakes it’s way around a driving break, dubby FX and haunting chords.

‘Heavy Water’ slips into UK Garage mode with a 2 step beat set to a wide variety of clicks, bleep and whirs and a powerful, hypnotic lead riff, tinged with a sense of sadness and wonder.

Let go of preconceptions and enjoy some truly brilliant music that transcends genres while sounding absolutely amazing.

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