Mark Ski – Let It Roll feat. H3ro & W.N.O.L. (Madame Electrifie Remix) [Five Se7en Collective]

With plenty of time on her hands due to all of the lockdowns here in the UK, Madame Electrifie decided it was high time she got to work on the production side of music. It’s something she has been tinkering with for 20 years, but because of the everyday life essentials to contend with and being busy DJing and running club nights and festival stages, a spare window of opportunity to create some beats of her own never seemed to materialise. With that window of opportunity now being well and truly flung open, we bring you this brand new remix from Madame Electrifie that was released just a few days ago and, as I type, is currently riding very high in the Juno charts.

The remix in question is a gritty Breaks twist of her very good friend Mark Ski’s Hip Hop tune ‘Let It Roll’ that features on the tracklist of the brand new remixed LP of his 2000 LP ‘Catch-REC’. The intense feel, bumpin’ groove and those shuffling beats make the perfect backdrop for MC’s H3ro & W.N.O.L., who both feature on the original and rap back and forth and make sure the hype on this one is for real.

You can get Madame Electrifie’s cracking remix and the other six quality remixes on the LP on the link below via Five Se7en Collective.


Listen to and buy all of the remixes here.


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