Mark Zowie Interview November 2018

So Mark! This is your first release since your Outside The Circle album on Jula Music? How did the album do?

Yea that’s right. The album did as expected. It simply chipped away at all the nasty stuff that’s around at the moment and made a few dints. I never expected it to cover great ground, simply because there’s not enough profile to raise awareness. And not enough cash to build press. But we got a mini PR together and got some nice press on it and so – we carry on! It’s there now for people to invest some time in. I’ve always enjoyed the album process, to create a body of work with a feel, or connection to each track. A body of work which I feel is loaded with integrity and ideally a sense of individuality.

So, ‘Right Away’, was this a late contender for the album or a complete new approach?

It’s certainly a new production. Definitely disconnected from the album. I think it feels very different. It was heavily inspired by my earlier production days. Kind of my ‘Stronghouse records era’. The first label I ever signed to, along side Daniel Jay Lewis, 16b and Wildchild to name a few. So I kinda reminisced about the music I used to listen to a lot around that time, circa ‘94/‘95.

The loose Jazz solo was all played and recorded directly. All keys were live with little manipulation. It’s a lot more visceral than some of the albums content I think and I feel is a little more percussively Techno inspired. Carl Craig / Derrick May vibes. I’m really pleased with it.

Why did you opt to release this with Motion as opposed to Jula?

Well I’ve a lot of love for Motion. I deal with the Motion fraternity on a weekly basis for Jula and felt a change of scenery would do me good. I sent the track over to Mark Lawrence the label head and he said immediately that he wanted it. I’m happy with that kind of excitement for a track.

Any more releases immediately planned for 2018?

Nothing until next year. In December I’m going to be performing a LIVE set of album tracks and some older Mark Zowie back catalogue with hopefully a few surprises in there too, there’ll be some of my live vocals involved as well. If I’m happy with the way it feels I’d be potentially interested in taking out there and performing it. I’ve NEVER buzzed from DJing and always saw great worth on the performance side of things. Much more exciting. Probably from my Burn The Negative gigging days I expect!

Right Away is available now at all respectable platforms:




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