Massive Attack – Teardrop (Future Funk Squad Remix)

Glen Nicholls aka, Future Funk Squad, has a Breakbeat sound and back catalogue to rival any other out there. The immensity of his work has tested the foundations of many a building over the years but for his next project, a brand new album, the focus is very much a more laid back approach. It’s to be a listeners album, one to kick back to, one to stick on and comfort you when you realize you have no money to go out to party.

To give us a taste of the flavour of this new album, Glen, has released this jaw-dropping remix of the forever beautiful ‘Teardrop’ by, Massive Attack, to get us in tune to his way of thinking in his change in direction. If the album is going to sound as good as this remix, there’s going to be plenty of happy, blissed-out souls wandering around. The remix itself is truly breathtaking and is very much a ‘stop what you’re doing and soak it in’ track. It’ll hoover up any thoughts leaving your mind free to take in all seven minutes of this masterpiece. Like many of you, we’re sure, we can’t wait for the album and more of this kind of magic!


Download the remix for free or pay what you like here.


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