Masterworks Legends Vol. 2 (Masterworks Music)

Masterworks Music is a Disco label based in Warrington that’s run by Danny Worrall, who himself DJ’s and produces under the moniker of 80s Child. It’s a label that is a very regular supplier of some of the very best Disco music around from some of the current crop of top producers who are all doing an incredible job of keeping the sound alive. It’s not all about digital releases either on this imprint because it can often be found releasing music on vinyl too!

We catch up with what Masterworks Music is all about for the first time here on the ward by bringing you it’s latest 20 track compilation album ‘Masterworks Legends Vol. 2’. Having already had a listen to the album in full, I can confirm that if you’re a Disco fan and you’ve not yet discovered it, it’s time to get excited! Sexy downtempo numbers, inticing midtempo tunes and blisteringly hot uptempo tracks mean that whatever you’re after, there’s a very good chance you’ll find exactly what you need for the required situation right here.

With only good music to be found from the first second to the last, a few tracks that a caught my attention just that little bit more than the rest include the first two tracks, which are Dr Packer‘s red-hot remix of Kiu D‘s ‘Dynamite’ and That Needs An Edit‘s seductive tune ‘Let Me Show You’. Also on my list of favourites are track 5 ‘Whenever You’re Around’ by Woodhead which has one of those funky grooves you can’t help but love, track 7 ’24 Hour Sesh’ by Natasha Kitty Katt which is another full on Disco tune that will electrify a dancefloor, track 12 ‘Stay Mine’ is a sassy and brassy jam by James Rod and track 18 ‘I Didn’t Take’ by Rare Cuts brings a luscious soul flavour to this Disco party. To find your favourites, get diggin’!

If you’re now a new fan of Masterworks Music, today is now a great day because it has a huge amount of free tracks, free mixes, single releases, EP’s and albums to check out and own. All of it can be found on the relevant links provided for your convenience. Have fun!


Buy ‘Masterworks Legends Vol. 2’ here on Juno.


Links for Masterworks Music :

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