Matty B – The Beginning EP

Matty B debuts on Cantina Cuts with four uplifting hardcore bangers!!!!

Cantina Cuts continues to be the place for discovering new Hardcore Rave producers and talented ones at that!!!! ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ kicks off with clean breaks, satisfying sub rumbles and percs. A feisty dose of familiar rave vox ramp up the excitement before the 94 ‘ardcore piano lands bringing a ton of good feels. A balmy 92 rave mid section will put you in that happy place!

‘Waxing’ is a great mixing tune with a lengthy build up of drums before some ‘Rushing On Pink Champagne’ style piano secures that maximum rush! It’s fair to say this Matty’s faithful tribute to mid 90s Slammin’ Vinyl tunes!

‘Shake Your Body’ is a funky, stabby affair with shades of golden era DJ Seduction plus a nice phat bass driven midsection.

‘It’s In The Air’ is a raver’s delight with more of those oldskool vox, rushy Korg M1 keys and a chunky break. A dose of manic hoovers is the icing on this rave cake!!! Expect to hear a lot more from Matty B!

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