Max Jones- Drain EP

Slow burning, mysterious musical treats from Max Jones

The latest offering from Burning Man regular, Max Jones is the mystique filled ‘Drain EP’

The title track is idyllic in it’s sound design with a disembodied blissfulness that sparkles in every kick and snare

Pasillo X’ leans in on the darker strains of electronica with textured chords and a deep, haunting atmosphere

‘T800’ is of course named after James Cameron’s ‘Terminator’ character as played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. As the title suggests, this is a big dose of 80s inspired synthwave underpinned by a Techno beat like Arnie chasing Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor on his motorbike.

This EP exudes the kind of class that appeals to a wide variety of tastes, add it to your collection

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