Maze Soundz – Beat Seeker Archives (Free Album)

In a world where confusion, fear, worry and stress are rife, along comes Maze Soundz with another one his free albums that’s comprised only of relaxed beats and downtempo dreams that will slice through all the negativity and give your mind a welcomed moment of peace.

In total, there are 13 Hip Hop influenced tracks on Maze Soundz stunning Beat Seeker Archives album and because of their ability to capture your mind and hold it in a trance-like state, trying to pinpoint one as your favourite is a seemingly impossible task. That being said, the title track of the album, One Morning In Shanghai, Walking In The Streets and Doper Man are a few that turned the head so as to be identified for further interrogation once the journey comes to an end. Turn the world off, turn the music on and you’ll be good.


Download Maze Soundz album for free or pay what you like here on Bandcamp.


Links for Maze Soundz :

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