Meditator002- Puffin’ Billy

Puffin’ Billy brings the breakbeat hardcore sounds on a 3 track EP so authentic, it sounds straight out of 1992

Puffin’ Billy aka Lavery is meticulous when it comes to making hardcore tunes, right down to the sound design. Take ‘Hardcore Madness’, a deep, dark number comparable to Bass Ballistics ‘Smoke Dis One.’ The vengeful Landlord riffs stem from the late 92 sound as hardcore transitioned into a faster, darker, more manic sound. Rolling amens switch places with furious 4×4 kicks with scratch sections and a ton of oldskool vox samples (Do It Now, Rhythm, Started Again).

‘Micky 303′ has, as the name suggests, dangerous doses of the TB 303, true oldskool style multi pitched drums and a floating, off kilter rave riff. Imagine a Slammin’ Vinyl remix of any 92 Urban Shakedown tune, sounds like a great combo right? So does this tune

‘Ecstasy’ swaps the amens for a chunky signature 92 break, intricate Landlord style keys and the ‘Total Ecstasy’ vocal refrain. All 3 tunes sound like they were made on an Amiga with 90s style low end bass. It doesn’t get more (breakbeat) hardcore!

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