Michael Johnston – Fabulous

Michael Johnston serves up a ‘Fabulous’ piano house tune to warm the soul!

The Unique2Rhythm imprint welcomes 2019 with a sublime piece of piano action c/o Michael Johnston. ‘Fabulous’ builds up in a paced fashion, making a great tune to tease into the mix. A minute or so in, a massive US/Italo House piano riff introduces itself. This is a pure 90s groove with everything that made that sound so distinct and ever-present to this day.

Long time House music lovers will have heard hundreds of piano anthems but they know a great one when they hear it. ‘Fabulous’ is the quintessential piano tune, the irresistible, masterful groove that balances bumpy beats and melodic keys with immaculate symmetry. Those who know, know that feeling when the beats kick in and that piano drops. I’m not sure if there is a word for it but the feeling is joyous, a feeling you will feel as soon as those keys hit your ears!


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