Midnight Riot – The Finest 2019 (V/A)

If you were to be in any doubts as to just how big of a 2019 Midnight Riot had, a listen to its ‘The Finest 2019’ compilation album will soon set the record straight.

Whilst ‘The Finest 2019’ features a generous 26 tracks, it still only represents just a tiny percentage of the music that rolled off Midnight Riot’s well-oiled production line. With so much amazing flooding out the doors and onto dancefloors and peoples personal playlists, how 26 tracks were selected for the album is beyond me, but that’s what Midnight Riot has done and its hats off for a great selection of Disco led music.

With a little something for everyone on ‘The Finest 2019′, you can find club-ready cuts like the glitzy and bumpin’ opener ‘That Feelin’ by GMGN feat. Chaz Bronz, Michael Gray‘s groove-laden ’24 7 People’, C Da Afro’s feverish Afro-Disco stomper ‘Party Purpose’, Ron Carroll’s dancefloor destroying remix of Lenny Fontana & Shirley Lites‘Fire’ and Ziggy Phunk’s heads down groover ‘Boogie Movements’, amongst others.

What goes up must come down, so after all of the heart-racing action of those tracks and the others like them, you can unwind with smoother and cooler tracks like Vertigini’s blissed-out remix of Modento’s ‘Sunshine’, the deep Disco chug of Babert’s remix of ‘Better Love’ by Get To Know feat. Andre Espeut, FSQ’s intoxicating Afro influenced number ‘I Zimbra’ feat. Dolette McDonald and Danny Kane‘s sublime and soulful remix of ‘Glory’ by Jack Tyson Charles. Quality is what Midnight Riot is all about and this album of their best bits of 2019 brings it by the bucket load!

Midnight Riot already has 4 new releases on its book so far this year, so if the music found here has piqued your interest, head over to the relevant pages on the links below to check it all out.


Buy The Finest 2019′ here on Bandcamp.


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