Millie 002 [Sub Code Records]

Its Breakbeat Hardcore time with the second in the Millie EPs on SUb Code Records featuring two fast paced 94 style bangers!

The A side of Millie 002 finds us firmly in 93/94 Hardcore mode with bouncey kicks, chunky breaks, Italo Piano, Vibes & Wishdokta style heavy basslines and darker stabby sections switching between uplifting rave and rudeboy junglism.

Side B takes it to the darkside with ominous chords and heavy breaks leading into an all out hoover assault before some surprise happy piano kicks in. The mid section has the feel of a classic Tango & Ratty tune to top off a quality excursion into the darkness vs light rave formula. If these tracks don’t get you throwing shapes, do you even rave bruh?

More essential Hardcore for that ever growing collection, get your Pre Order in Here! Vinyl & Digital

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