Millie-Back 2 Life- So High

Sub Code Records presents Millie 001, 2 tracks of hedonistic 1994 style breakbeat hardcore

Step aside, Millie Bobby Brown, there’s a new Millie in town! They may not have the power to move buses with their hands but they make some seriously bangin’ hardcore!

This 2 track digital and vinyl release takes musical cues from a criminally underappreciated period of rave music-1994. As jungle took over the airwaves, the hardcore scene went underground, got faster and produced some of the best tunes ever. ‘Back II Reality’ kicks off with supper skillful drum programming, mirroring the ingenuity of this short lived sub genre. The breaks and amens are cleverly cut and joined to create the effect of an invisible 4×4 kick. Warm Jungle Tekno style keys and dark Belgian mentasm stabs add to the sizeable bite of this Red Alert & Mike Slammer/Slamin’ Vinyl style slammer!!!

The ingenious drumbeats continue for ‘So High’, a tune that brings the legendary Labrynth, Dalston Lane experience into 2019. Picture the scene of a young Billy Daniel Bunter spinning this one at the Hackney Four Aces Club! A plethora of 1992 rave samples and synth stabs, a series of ecstatic key changes, and raggamuffin MC call and response vox recreate the 94 vibe to perfection. 94 hardcore doesn’t get the love it deserves but Millie ensures no one forgets any time soon with these two absolute killer tunes!!!

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