Mindtransit & Soft Wasp Ft Styrmonix-Josh EP

Known for embracing musical diversity and showcasing global talent from the underground, the Bad Habit Muzik imprint revisits it’s breaks foundations with a euphoric blast of 90s rave inspired breaks from Mindtransit & Soft Wasp plus a remix by Nefti.

To quote the rib tickling Geordie banter sampled on ‘Josh’, they come in twos! And indeed Mindtransit & Soft Wasp are a dynamic duo with a penchant for uptempo ravey breaks. ‘Josh’ the track itself comes in fours, the breezy and fun original, Mindtransit’s ethereal ravey piano VIP, Nefti’s bass n’ breaks rerub and a Dubstep mix from Soft Wasp. Make sure to bring these lads to the rave by copping a copy of this tasty breakbeat release!

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