Mini Review of Breakspoll 2015 + Breaksjunky & Refracture Live Mixes

So as I’m sure you are all aware now, Breakspoll 2015 happened a couple of weeks ago. Fifties and myself both attended and we’re pleased to report it was a massively enjoyable night! There had been a few grumbles about it heading from London to Manchester but we were in no doubt the northern massive would make this a night to remember and that they did!

The venue, Sound Control, which hosted the evening is set up perfectly for maximum partyage! You enter the venue into The Bar which is the middle room of the three. A very pleasant space with plenty of room to dance and the more conservative looking of the rooms. The Basement, well, that’s what a basement room should look like with it’s gnarly, industrial feel and the top room of the three, The Attic. This is the largest of the rooms with a bar at one end and the stage at the other and loads of space to dance. If you start dancing at the back of the room you just can’t help but get drawn into the crowd and before you know it you at the front avin it!

So with a crowd full of dedicated Breaks lovers, a mouth watering lineup and a venue that was designed for top parties, an amazing time was had! People can love Breaks or dislike them but one things for sure, you don’t get a better atmosphere in any other scene than you do at a Breaks night! The crowd are there to dance the night away, love the music, appreciate the dj’s ( who more often than not can be found mingling with the fans rather than some special VIP area ) and have a bloody good time, it’s that simple!

Bigups to Sound Control, the security that night who were tip-top and to the Breakspoll crew for another brilliant night! We shall see you all 2016, wherever that may be, for the next instalment of arguably Breakbeats biggest celebration!

Time for some music from Breaksjunky and Refracture…

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=c90000&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Breaksjunky kicked the night off in, The Bar, in true style! With a passion for all things Breaks and Bass he laid down a huge set and set the bar very high for what was to come. A perfect way to kick off the night! And if you like this and just happen to be heading to Miami for the ‘ Winter Music Conference ‘ keep your eyes peeled as he is playing no less than 9 shows while he’s there!

Links to Breaksjunky :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Mixcloud / YouTube / Twitter

Tracklist :

1. Breakjunky Intro ‘Drop dat Breaks’ – Alaska MC
2. Give It Up (Original Mix) – Sporty-O, Specimen-A
3. Bengal Booty (Original Mix) – DJ Fixx, Keith Mackenzie
4. Breathe (Zed’s Dead Remix)(REL1 Re-Rub) – Prodigy
5. Patient Zero (Original Mix) – Zomboy
6. Bring The Noise (F^K Y3AH! Breaks Mix) – Chuckie D Vs Public Ememy
7. It Feels So Good (Original Mix) – John Bradley
8. I want you – Pirate Jams
9. BRZL (Original Mix) – Bomba Rosa
10. Bass Shaker (Original Mix) – Defkline
11. Treat Me Right – Pirate Jams
12. Sentinel (Original Mix) – Noisestorm
13. I can Feel It (Original Mix) – Fisso and Spark
14. Dat FREQ – Freq Boutique
15. I Am A Nightmare Breakin – Wes Smith & The Juice Squad vs. Kid Unknown & Ice T
16. Lose Control (Stanton Warriors Dub) – Them and Us
17. What What What (Original Mix) – Leuce Rhythms Vs. Breaksjunky
18. Movie Quotes – Fear and Loathing
19. Take it Back – (Defkline and Red Polo Mix)
20. All That Junk (Original Mix) – Zen Cartel, Breaksjunky
21. Bomb Diggy Diggy Feat. Big Wiggles (Dubaxface Remix) – The Juice Squad, Wes Smith
22. I’m Gonna Get You (Original Mix) – UFO Project
23. Guitar Beats – Wild Booty (Josh Chambers Remix)
24. Destruction – Colombo

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=c90000&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Refracture, who was third on in, The Bar, also brought along an arsenal of top weaponry and delivered another amazing set! Breaks of the largest variety were laid down and the crowd lapped it up! Great sets by both of these guys!

Links to Refracture :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Beatport / YouTube / Twitter

If any more sets pop up you can be sure we will post them! All the dj’s we managed to catch over the night smashed it and the music had everyone smiling and dancing, standard issue Breakspoll!



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