Miss Mants – S#Xy // Hive Inside (New Album Tracks)

So far Miss Mants has brought us three tracks off her forthcoming album ‘Shu Ha Ri’. ‘Evacuation’ was released on the Spanish imprint 83, while the next two tracks came on her ‘Time Machine’ EP on In Beat We Trust Music. The next two tracks, however, have been released by herself and both can be all yours for free!

‘S#Xy’ is the first of the two tracks and although it’s a couple of notches down on Miss Mants usual hair-raising and chaos creating Breakbeat sound, the sass, class and overall vibe of the track means that it’ll still grab the attention of a packed out dancefloor.

‘Hive’ sees a return to Miss Mants darker side as she ventures into the world of Drum n Bass for the very first time and you can be sure they’ll heads turning in that particular scene once her new tune gets within earshot! It’s raw energy and overall presence is something that’s impossible to ignore and when you encounter it in the club, you’ll know about it!



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