Miss Monument – Acidic Breaks [Free DL]

Miss Monument gets all acidic on our asses with her new Breaks mix. She has dug deep into her music collection to bring out some real gems with pure acid flair. There’s music from Colombo, Chevy One, Dylan Rhymes and Peter Paul to name a few. This is one mix that’ll twist up your melon man, proper stomping business!

Links to Miss Monument :

Soundcloud / Facebook

Tracklist :

1. Intro – This Sound – Electro Force
2. Retromus – Colombo
3. No V.I.P. Or Bottles Poppin’ (AudioBotz (FL) Remix) – Eartight
4. MIDI Was My God – The Spider Bite
5. Mankind – Chevy One
6. Can You Feel – Defex
7. Hostage (Meat Katie Mix) – Chevy One, Hanon
8. Oh Girl (Beatslappaz Remix) -Marten Horger
9. Excuse My French – MartOpetEr
10. Superstar (Elite Force Remix) – Dylan Rhymes
11. Welcome To My Realm – Peter Paul
12. U Wanna Play My Sound – Peter Paul
13. Liar – Metha
14. Outsiders – Metha
15. Kick Flip – Nick Wilde

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