Miss Monument – Guest Mix for RECOIL FM – THE FINAL CHAPTER (Techno FM)

Miss Monument is best known for her love of Breakbeat, but she does in fact love many styles and genres of music, with one of those being Techno.

3Phazegenerator, a UK based Techno DJ, producer, label owner and radio host on Techno FM, knew all about Miss Monument’s love for the heavy hitting genre, so invited her onto his last ever show for a guest mix alongside Ninna V, BVEK and Ross Alexander, before he himself moves on to new projects.

All of Miss Monument’s followers and fans will know all to well that she is a fine selector of music for her mixes and lives sets alike, and this 60 minute offering is no different! Opening on a light note, it’s not long before the mix descends towards the deeper, darker and more intense side of Techno. Two thirds of the way through and the darkness clears, just a touch, to make way for a barrage of filthy Acid influenced tracks, which then give way to another dose of heavy Techno till the end. Pounding beats and a heart rate to match is what to expect here!


Links for Miss Monument :

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