Mixology, Shades Of Rhythm, House Proud, Easter Weekend Review

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For the Easter bank holiday weekend my partying exploits took me to my local city of Peterborough. Like many other cities around the country, Peterborough has suffered at the hands of this pesky rubbish financial situation we all find ourselves in and a shortage of good quality nights meant as a result the nightlife over the last few years almost erroded away in to nothing. With the city centre at times like a ghost town over the weekend there was only one way to go, bring new nights to excite and attract fellow minded party goers to part with their hard earned party tokens and head to the dance floors of the city. The last couple of years this has been the case.

So here we are in 2014 with 3 nights lined up with over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Mixology, Shades Of Rhythm and House Proud. 3 nights that put a real buzz of anticipation back into Peterborough. Something for the clubbers, old and new to really get those dancing feet a dancing!

First up, Mixology, Friday night. This night is held at The RedRoom in the city centre. A classy little venue but with all the hall marks of somewhere where you know it’s going to go off! Red and purple back lighting gives the venue a dark but luxurious glow. With a cracking sound system to boot it makes for very pleasant place to spend the night letting loose with only your best shapes reserved for the dance floor.


Mixology itself is a night put together by a group of dj friends with a passion for music, bringing in a vast a varied array of musical tastes. Their aim, to bring a distinctive, quality sound to the city. Something new and fresh and a night for clubbers to get enthused about during the weekly slog at work and it’s safe to say the Mixology crew have succeeded in their endevours, with packed out crowds filling the venue the last Friday of every month. This night being an exception to the rule as it was not only the bank holiday weekend but the second birthday of Mixology itself. It is night full of Techno, Deep and Tech House and some deep chuggy Nu-Disco. Mixology is also now taking the night on the road with nights in London and Northampton in May.

So with celebrations to be had the night was setup to exceed all expectations. On the bill were Audio Jack, Sidney Charles and residents Tom Skinner, James Chan, Dan Clare and Jenny Twenty. With a line up like that the clubbers in attendance were in for a proper treat and that we were. All dj’s with their own unique tweaks on their styles delivered tunes to celebrate any birthday to. The resident dj’s were bang on form as always with Audio Jack and Sidney Charles bringing fever pitch reactions with their respective track choices. One stand out track of the night for me was Shelter by Christoph. Nearly took the roof off!


The night was a complete success as is becomming the norm for the Mixology crew. A top quality night and i would highly recommend it if you happen to be in the area on the last Friday of every month.

The second of my 3 nights was Shades Of Rhythm at the SolGarden. The SolGarden is situated again in the city centre. Spending many nights there before i can confirm this to be a very enjoyable and unique space to spend an evening, night, morning. Unique because you get to spend the night partying outside and as we all know that is a real treat during the summer months especially. The SolGarden is a terraced garden on the back of The Solstice pub. Kitted out with it’s own bar, retractable roof and raised decking area at one end which combines into the dj, dance floor area, it has become more of another room as opposed to just simply being a beer garden. So with a setup like that and having 3 local lads to hand that go by the name of Shades Of Rhythm ready to do there thing the only thing left to do was party.


Now if your an old skool raver Shades Of Rhythm will be a household name but to the nu skool raver they are Nick, Lanx and Rayan Gee. Breakbeat fans will know Nick and Lanx as Drumattic Twins but with their best buddy Rayan on board they become Shades Of Rhythm. They joined forces in the late 80’s originally producing music to play at nights around Peterborough but as their music was so good it was inevitable that bigger things would come their way. With tracks like Sweet Sensation, Extacy and their classic Sound Of Eden, along came Ztt, a part of Warner Brothers to sign them up. As the old skool scene has seen something of a recent revival the lads have re-grouped and now travel up and down the country playing gigs on a regular basis. Bringing to old skool ravers and nu skool shufflers a blend of old skool classics with a nu skool twist.

Jo Gee warmed up the crowd in her typical style whilst the guys readied themselves for what was to come and Saturday night see them turn up in style. With there knowledge of how to whip up the crowd they once again delivered on every level. Dropping old skool favourites, some with a cheeky edit here and there, the scene was set for the tune every Shades fan go’s crazy for. In true style when Sound Of Eden was dropped the crowd went crazy, as did Shades themselves. Shades reacted to the crowd and vice versa. All in all it was an excellent night for revellers young and old to enjoy.

Night number 3 on Sunday saw me head to House Proud, also held in the SolGarden.

House Proud is a night created and run by Russell James. A dj and producer himself, Russell created the night and it’s debut was in Leeds. House Proud then held a residency in Sheffield and feature nights were held in Liverpool, Manchester and Leicester. The night is now held on every Bank Holiday weeknend on the Sunday in the Solgarden with the odd night popping up during the summer months to take advantage of the open air space made available. It’s a night that does exactly what it says on the tin. Packed full of quality house and sub genres of house with some groove filled Techno added for extra pleasure.

The line up for this night, Martin Smith, Sean Johnson, Drew Tilney, Russell James and top of the bill Sheffield duo James Dean. The event started at 2pm with some deep, soulful house to ease some of the bleary eyed punters into the afternoon after what had already been a hectic weekend. The guys stepped up the tempo as the evening went on with the crowd building all the time and by 8pm it was at capacity! After Mike and Sean had warmed up peoples minds with their soulful selection of tunes Russell took on the baton and upped the intensity. Drew delivered a nod of respect to the late great Frankie Knuckles classic Your Love. James Dean took to the decks and delivered a class set of House and Techno. With the level of energy they all put into their respective sets it carried everyone through to the early hours of Monday morning.

With the success of the weekend as a whole it seems that either the pesky recession has taken the hint or clubbers have decided that if quality nights are put on they will attend anyway. What ever the reason, support your local scenes and nights and bring back the buzz to the ghostly city centres of old.


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